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Church Ministries
Rev. Dr. John J.Y.Arul, a dedicated servant in the service of our Lord for the past 33 years, is the senior pastor of New Hope Power Assemblies of God Church at Madurai, which he took over 22 years ago with 35 people in the congregation and the church now has more than 2500 members as its congregation.
For the sake of the Gospel, he has been assaulted and beaten up severely several times, and has pioneered 96 Churches by personal involvement.
Village Ministries
India consists of nearly 6,75,000 villages. Every Sunday evening around 40 of our Church members along with some of our Pastors visit different villages to minister to the people there. Once in the village, the visiting team will divide itself into smaller groups and meet with Children, Women, Youth, Elderly to share with them the appropriate message from the Bible along with the current miracles the Lord has been doing in the lives of many.
Then in the larger gathering, a skit is enacted and few songs sung and a main message for the day is shared with the community gathered. This also includes the distribution of tracts door to door by our youths and children. Many commit their lives to Christ and some express their willingness to attend our Church services. For the most needy, separate counseling is done on one to one basis and to families.
The Need:
1 We need a couple of good vehicles to visit the villages and also to give free transportation for the new believers to attend our Church services. $20,000 X 2 = $ 40,000.
2 Gospel tracts and literature in different dialects vernacular languages. = $ 5000
3 Bibles in different languages = $10,000
4 Loud speakers system to address the gathering.
Kindly pray and uphold this ministry.

Television Ministries
India is second in the world population statistics. In addition Indians, still lives in villages. Whether these villages are connected by roads or not, they are definitely connected by television networks. To reach even the remotest corner, these televisions are the best medium. Hence we have been constantly trying to reach the masses through television. We share the word of God by songs, messages, testimonies etc. India does not allow fulltime gospel channel and hence we have to depend on other channel operators who charge very high rates for our limited time telecasting.
The Need:
1 Sponsors for our slots in the different local channels. $500 X 12 months X 5 channels = $ 30,000
2 Sponsors for our programs in the satellite channels. $200 X 30 days X 12 months = $ 72,000
3 To own and operate a 24 hour Gospel channel (Local channel) = $ 50, 000

Church Planting
We are fully aware of the fact that we may not be able to reach the masses by being established at one single place. India is a vast country with plenty of opportunity to share the word of god. The mandate given to each Christian is to share the good news with every one possible. We are conscious of that fact and trying our best to reach out far and wide in this Country. If God is willing we may even reach out to the neighbouring countries in the years to come. We have already started reaching out to the neighbouring States like Orissa, Jharkhand etc. We are developing the local leadership in the new areas of outreach. We are also encouraging God's servants from South india to go as missionaries to plant new Churches in the North india.
The Need:
1 Train and develop missionaries and pastors : $400 X 100 = 40,000
2 Acquire land and build Churches in the remote places : $20,000 X 20 = 400,000
3 Bibles in vernacular languages and other literature for distribution in the new areas $250 X 20 = 5,000
4 Musical instruments as appropriate for the new congregation : $500 X 20 = 10,000

Children's Ministry
In Jesus' ministry, the children ministry often played a critical role. He openly rebuked His own disciples and asked them to be like one of these children to enter the kingdom of God. We are very conscious of this fact and we also know that planting the seed in the lives of children will definitely restore them back to Christ at any part of their lives even when they fall down. Apart from our Sunday schools and other children activities, we concentrate in the summer months on the children when they have their summer vacations. We partner with India Bible Literature and others who provide us with good children's materials and songs. We conduct training for the teachers for these classes from various Churches and distribute the printed materials, audio and video supportive materials to make the sessions interesting for the childrenin Vacation Bible School.
The Need:
1 Innovative tools for teaching children : $ 5000
2 Audio and Visual materials in the vernacular languages : $ 5000
3 Training for the teachers and teaching materials : $ 5000

Hospital Ministries
The people most in need are those who are sick. India being a vast country with population explosion,it is very difficult to have a decent health care without any support to pay for it. The government hospitals could not cater to the needs of the multitude thatapproach them day in and day out. Hence we pitch in to locate medical practitioners and hospitals that could render free services to the needy. We tie up with them to refer the needy and get free treatment in addition to free medicines at times. But this is not possible for all the poor and we have to pay for the treatment, medicines and even to lab services like CT scan MR scan, X-rays etc… though we only get concession to certain extent.
In addition to their sickness, trauma care and counselingto the affected family members are vital. Hence we have a team of members who visit some of the hospitals regularly to extend counseling services and to pray over the sick. Our team visits a big hospitalevery fourth Sunday evening, which is managed by Hindu administration. Our team of ministers conduct evening worship service in the hospital prays for the sick that attend and distribute gospel tracts. Now we are planning to extend this service to other hospitals too. We also help bring the ambulance to the accident site and help the injured to be shifted at the earliest to save their lives.
The Need:
1 An ambulance van : $10, 000
2 Emergency medicines : $ 5000 per year
3 Salary for two full time counselors : $4800 per year

Tribal Ministries
India still has got a number of tribal groups living in various parts of this country. Our ministry always has got a special place for these people. None of these tribal groups have a language script. Some of the missionary agencies have developed script and taught these people some language skills. We visit these tribal belts to minister to them. We go in groups and stay in their locality to conduct Gospel Crusades and share the word of god.
Since most of these people live in remote places, it is very difficult to visit them. However God has been so good to us and we were able to visit them periodically and have locally recruited evangelists and pastors to serve these community people to maintain the continuity of our work. We seek your constant prayers to win these tribal groups for Jesus.
The Need:
1 Salary for the local Evangelists and Pastors : $ 5000 / yr
2 Other expenses : $ 5000 / yr

Gospel Crusade
Every year we organizea number of gospel crusades in India to have a great harvest of souls for His kingdom. Many got saved and delivered from their sickness and bondages. We invite preachers fromaround the globe to join us to evangelize India.
Evangelize India

We are inviting preachers from all over the world to come to India to share the gospel with because 1.3 billion people live here. We will organize gospel crusades, seminars, music concerts, and children youth camps to reach these millions. If you are willing to sponsor a crusade or to preach in the crusade, you are most welcome. Please contact us to reach India.
Please contact us to reach India with the message of Gospel :

To organize a crusade in:
Metropolitan City (US $100,000 and above )
Large City (US $25,000 and above )
Small City (US $10,000 and above )
Village (US $4000 and above )

International missions training
An international training center has been functioning from the middle of Feb 2009.
  3 months 6 months One year
One time admission $ 300 &500 $700
Boarding & lodging $ 500 per month $ 500 per month $ 500 per month
Travel & Transport $ 150 p.m. $ 150 p.m. $ 150 p.m.
Library, Sports and first aid $ 50 p.m. $ 50 p.m. $ 50 p.m.
TOTAL $ 700 p.m. $ 700 p.m. $ 700 p.m.
All the international students should have medical insurance for the entire period of their study. For further enquires, please contact us through email:
Subject covered :
Indian Church History, Evangelism, Homiletics, Missions, Child Evangelism, Special seminars on spiritual warfare, Gifts of the Holy spirit, Pastoral Theology. Cross cultural evangelism, Bibliology, Paulin epistle, General Epistle, Indian Church history and local language Tamil, Sound and media operations.
Practical Training :

Urban Ministry, Village Ministry, Tribal Ministry, Campus Ministry, Children's ministry, Youth Ministry, Church Ministry, Orphanage and Old Age Home Ministry, Street Evangelism, Literature Distribution, Sharing in Churches and Multi Cultural Ministries, etc.

For further clarification, please email us Download applications at

Media Ministries
Our television program is televised by Imayam TV three times a week from France by satellite and web TV which reaches 180 countries. Everyday we telecast God's message in local cable network which has more than 300,000 viewers in our city, We invite Pastors and Evangelists from all the nations to partner with us in the media network.We can translate and telecast the message for a very nominal cost.