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  Prophecy for 2013-Rev.Dr.J.J.Y.Arul  
  • May you be blessed,  you will do great things and surely triumph”
  • You are my chosen people , I will surely bless you and multiply you.
  • I have great plans for you, you are blessed you will do great things and surely triumph. According to the promise I have given you I will exalt you.
  • Evil will not come to you. Goodness will surround you. Unknown unexpected exaltation will come to you.
  • My glory will surround you and all people around you will say God is surely with you.
  • To show the difference between my people who believe in me and walk in my ways and other, I will give my special protection, shower the peace, blessings and goodness.
  • You will multiply, your territory will be extended. Goodness will follow you. I will give you the earthly and heavenly blessings.
  • I will make my name great through you, to make worldly people to know that whatever you ask in my name, you are blessed to receive it.
  • The sorrows, pains, you went through in the past days will not come to you.
  • I will bless my people, my people will multiply. My people will be satisfied with my goodness. You are my special chosen people.
  • You will multiply. You will do great things and triumph. You will enjoy my blessings.
  • I will give you monetary blessings and all of you will have debts free life soon.
  • I will multiply you in this town. I will bless each and every one in this church to the extent which you cannot imagine and think.
  • All the bondages in this town are broken. People who are known as rogues in this town will die.
  • The power of darkness that reigns in this town will loose it’s power. People with tears and confusion will come to me. I will embrace them. They will come to churches. Churches in this city will multiply in numbers.
  • Many will donate their properties my kingdom mission. They will give their lands. People give their houses and vehicles for my ministries.
  • The ministers of God will multiply in this town. Their ministry will also multiply.
  • Churches will be established in villages. My glory will surround this town and people will see my glory.
  • I will answer your prayers. I will do great things in this state and district.


  • Many Leaders of Tamilnadu will die. Unexpected death will occur. Many peoples in many villages will suffer diseases and pains.
  • There will be confusions in political parties. The hearts of the ruling people will witness the destruction of people who stand against me.
  • International business will be started in this state. Industries will be commenced.  Economic status in this state will be increased than the others.
  • I have heard the prayer of my people and stopped the plague in this state. Still I will do the same.
  • Weeping and great morning heard will be stopped. Because my people ended out to me. I will do great things.
  • I will appoint new leaders. The unrighteous will put to shame the righteous will arise and shine. My hand will do great things.
  • The spiritual worship will be increased. The fear of the Lord and love will also be increased in the churches and Christian organizations. Peace and integrity will be established.
  • To glorify me in one accord my glory will be in this state in a new measure.
  • I will remove the water shortage. I will remove the tears of the farmers as they look unto me. I will bring a great change in this state.
  • When people seek me, they will be satisfied with my goodness.
  • There will be confusions, pandemonium and will be heard from many nearby states. People who instigate communalism will bow down.
  • I will break open the gate to the people who do the mission to build my kingdom. I will open the doors for the Gospel to be preached without fear. Those who bring hurdles will be destroyed.
  • I will level the high places. The rough ground will be leveled. The feet of those who bring good news will be protected. My glory will cover this land.
  • I love this nation. I love the people of this nation .There are  many people who cannot tell the difference between the right hand and  left hand. Should I not be concerned about them? I will transform them and reveal myself to them.
  • I have chosen them not for destruction but for life. Hypocritical and deceiving will go away from me.
  • The numbers of human Gods will die. The idols, receiving the glory will be removed from many people as they will know that I am the Lord, Savior beside me there is no one.
  • There will be revival in this nation this year. My servants will multiply in number. People will resign their jobs and join as full time servants to build my kingdom.
  • There will be a big harvest of souls in this year. This nation will prosper than many other nations. They will look at this nation and wonder for the blessings I give to this nation.
  • I will captivate the central government leaders. I will remove the persons who are not follow the discipline, who are unrighteous and money misuses from power.
  • They will say peace but really there will be sorrow. Sighing and Sadness. There will be natural disasters.
  • In Philippines there is natural disaster.
  • I will show my glory in Malaysia.  Many people are thinking that there is goodness in their land because of them. But I reveal myself to show that there is no goodness beside me on this earth.
  • There will be confusions in Malaysia. But in this time people who worship me will increase. Theorist will listen to the truth. Those who stood against the Christians will turn way from evil ways become the people who preach the Gospel.
  • There will be plague in China and the leaders of nation will be troubled on seeing my deeds. They  proud about themselves and they will come down
  • Gates for gospel will be opened in China and the people preaching Gospel   in that nation will increase.
  • There will be a revival in Russia. For many years it was a place which had iron gates but the light of gospel will shine on that nation. Miracle will happen to draw people unto me.
  • In Europeans countries there will an economic down fall which they have never met. My people will be exalted. Their heads will be raised.
  • People will come in search of me. I will do good to them again the  Goodness will flow to other nations from this year.
  • First six months of the year will be confusions. But the second half of the year, because they seek me and I do good to them. Many countries in Europe will multiply.
  • The economic downfalls will be restored.
  • Australia, which is already multiplying in blessing, will still increase. The light of Gospel will also increase.
  • Many evangelists will go to many other nations from Australia. There will be disasters by fire and water but my people who know the power of gospel will be protected.
  • In Arab countries, people will come to knowledge. All the hindrance for the light of Gospel will be removed.
  • Churches will multiply. Multitudes will turn to me. Many events for the promotion of the gospel will be conducted.New churches will be established. Gates will be opened to preach the gospel through Medias.
  • I will pour my blessing upon them. I will strengthen them to help the 3rd level nations
  • In America, there will be great confusions among the people and the politicians.  My people will go ahead with joy, hope and boldness. The way I have opened for them cannot be closed. No man can close the way of Goodness that I have opened for my people. People will increase in true knowledge and come to me. I will make the nation of America to fear my name. My Glory and my contour will be seen in America. But on the other side one man will shoot the other man and kill.

There will be destruction by fire due to cyclones in various parts of the nation.  Pelages will terrify people and they will think all these are from Me. The numbers of people who seek and come to the Lord will increase. The closed gates for gospel will be opened. Abortion will decrease. In the whole world it will be reduced.

  • In many American states, there will be plague. Confusion, Trouble, Tears and insufficiency in different part of the nation. Blessing, Revival, Joy for my people will be there. In whole country, people who are in tears now due to pandemonium will see changes.
  • Terrorist activities will be reduced. Many wonders will take place. Many terrorist movements will be destroyed. At the same time good news will happen  to islands
  • This year I will shake the seas and there will be sea roaring. And flue flames will increase.
  • I will establish my deeds in the nations so that people and the rulers will fear me.
  • People who have forgotten to give glory to me will understand my name is exalted above. As I was crucified on the cross. I will be exalted in the nations. People who glorify me will increase.
  • No more time. Behold I am coming soon. I will prepare the nations for my coming,
  • Churches will be strengthened  and   live in the fear of the Me. My spiritual gifts will operate. In the whole world, my people will be filled with my power. Each and every one will bring a large group of people into truth.
  • Every month you will hear the death message of the leaders in various parts of the world and few ministers of my kingdom will be called for rest. Some who are preaching the Gospel will be taken into my kingdom instantly. You may ask why? But I will raise many ministers to serve me in their place.
  • In every state I will raise up many servants of god who exhibit the glory of me. If you seek me, you will receive my goodness. If you for sake me, I will forsake you as I have already told you.
  • To the whole world to each and every one. I say “Be with me and walk in my ways my glory will cover you. My glory will cover the people who trust in me. Evil never come to them. I will work wonder and miracles through your hands . People will be healed when you lay your hands. People will be filled with my holy spirit. I will bring people into my ways.
  • When you bless others with your hands, they will be blessed.
  • Barren women will bear child this year. I will strengthen the weak people.
  • I will show the difference between the people who serve me and who do not serve me. I will honor the people who serve me. I will make your name great. I will bring one mind, and one accord within you. All of you as my children and my family you will glorify me.
  • My spirit proclaims “Be strong and bold, those who have committed yourself to serve the me ’Nothing is impossible for those who believe in me. I will do everything to you in time in your life
  • "Times are in my hand. Your times are in my hands. I will do every this in your life for my glory” says the sprint of God.